Komban Movie Review

Komban Movie Review
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  • Studio Green
  • Cast
  • Karthi,LakshmiMenon,Rajkiran
  • Direction
  • P C Muthaiah
  • Music
  • G.V.Prakashkumar
  • Photography
  • Velraj

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Komban - Passable entertainer

After Paruthiveeran, Karthi is back to village based film with Komban and once again he has been shown with similar kind of mustache and beard.  Does the film also repeat the same success like Paruthi Veeran? Read on to know…


Kombaiya Pandian (Karthi) is a butcher who  basically a livewire and never hesitate to beat if he come across baddies who degrade his hometown ladies and he won’t respect involving in illegal activities. He bashes all the rowdies in the town and when he lock horns with powerful baddie Gundan Ramsamy things got ugly as the baddies sketching series of plans to finish off both Karthi and his father-in-law Rajkiran.

How Karthi saves his family from the baddies, also how he solves the ego clash with his father-in-law Rajkiran after he beats him heavily in a family tussle should be found out only in silverscreen.


The film’s huge plus is the Ramanthapuram backdrop and the believable characterizations. Karthi breathes the role of good Samaritan who also a badass to the baddies, his uncontrollable anger is a treat to watch in big screen and his expressions, with the handlebar mustache gives us the massy flavor.

As an experienced actor Rajkiran steals the show as a caring father for Lakshmi Menon and also as a respectable village man.

Lakshmi Menon’s rural friendly looks helped for the movie and other actors like Kovai Sarala, Thambi Ramiah are the power players in comedy sequences.

Velraj’s cinematography and the colloquial Ramanthapuram slang are also work in favor of the movie.


The second half of the movie is a huge let town as all the scenes are predictable unlike the first hald of the movie which gave a fresh feel.

The unnecessary pathos song for depicting father-in-law – son-in –law bond only helped to add the drama feel to the film.

Another drawback is that characterizations of the villains are not powerful and they couldn’t withstand against Karthi’s powerful screen presence.

Music by GV Praksh Kumar is a pass muster as both the songs and bgm are the replica of the composer’s previous works.

Bottom Line

Komban is a passable commercial entertainer , thanks to the gracious first half and Karthi’s screen presence

Verdict : Passable entertainer

Stars : 2.5/5

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